Education, Training and Conference

Education has played an enormous role in creating the strong social unions that founded Unifor. At our founding convention, delegates re-affirmed the importance of union education.


The strength of our future is not only at the bargaining table and on the picket line, it is in the classroom.

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Unifor’s Locals are on the front lines as we work to ensure the safety of our members throughout this pandemic. This page is meant to help Local leadership and health and safety reps as they navigate this new and fast-changing environment.

On the page, you will find the resources you need to work with your employers to ensure safe working places for your members. As always, your National union is year to provide the supports you need. Your National Representative can help you access any additional resources you may need.

Be sure to check back regularly for new documents and updates.

Resources for Local Unions

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Area Schools & Online Education 

With regions across the country navigating the various phases of the pandemic and moving towards what we hope will be a return to life pre Covid-19, the Education Department, in consultation with our Area Directors, is preparing to relaunch our popular 1 (one) and 3 (three) day Area Schools.


At this time, strict adherence to regional and local Covid-19 protocols will determine our ability to offer these schools across the country.


Area Schools & Online Education – The Process


  • Area schools will be offered based on the needs and demands of Local Unions.

  • Local Union requests for training require a minimum of 8 (eight) and a maximum of 20 (twenty) members for an area school to run. If your local has less than 8 members that require training, contact the Education Department for assistance by email at

  • Local unions can reach out to other Locals in the area to fill a class.  

  • Classes must be held, where possible, in Unifor Union Halls or Regional Offices. Where this is not possible, other arrangements will be made (accessibility issues will be taken into account).

  • The Education Department requires a minimum of 6 (six) weeks notice from the start of a class for preparation purposes.

  • Please see the 1 & 3 Day and On-line Course offerings.

  • Please visit our website for full course descriptions. (Website will be updated August 2021)


Online Education


The Education Department will continue to offer on-line education and webinars post pandemic. Contact Patty Barrera for more information and visit our website at


Area Schools Contact


Patty Barrera, National Representative, Education Department

Area School Courses

Bullying in the Workplace: An Occupational H&S Hazard (1 day)

Collective Bargaining (3 day)

Compensation, All Jurisdictions (1 day)

Compensation, Duty to Accommodate (1 day)

GHWL (3 day)

Harassment Investigation (3 day)

Health & Safety - The Basics (1 day)

Health & Safety: Beyond the Basics (3 day)

Health & Safety – Federal Legislation (1 day)

Health & Safety – Provincial Legislation (1 day)

Local Officer (3 day)
Local Union Finances (3 day)

Mental Health Matters For Leadership (1 day)

Pay Equity (3 day)

Planning for your future (1 day)

Respectful Workplaces (4hr)

Respectful Workplaces (1 day)

Getting to Know your Union (1 day)

Women Activist (3 Day)

WCB (3-day) BC

WCB (3-day) MB

WCB (3-day) NS

WSIB (3-day) ON

Grievance Handling Workplace Leadership

Health & Safety: The Basics

Mental Health Awareness

Arbitration for Leadership

Anti-harassment: for all Unifor Election Candidates - 90min apprx.

Duty to Accommodate: for Unifor Representatives - 90min apprx.

Introduction to Collective Bargaining: for all Unifor members - 45min