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Unifor, working with other health care unions, has been at the forefront in making sure clear guidance is in place that N-95 or superior protection masks, face shields and other equipment are to be provided to health care staff.


The First Year: Success stories from Unifor members

Hope Into Action - Part 1

Hope Into Action - Part 2

Canadian Council 2015 | Conseil canadien 2015

Unifor BC Council, November 21-22, 2014

Unifor Ontario Regional Council November 21 & 22, 2014

Unifor President Jerry Dias on a national universal child care system

Michele Audette NWAC Addresses the Unifor Canadian Council Sept. 2014

 Find out about how to start up or join a retired workers chapter in your area!


Unifor - a Union for Today!

Jerry Dias, Unifor President - Unifor Founding Convention, August 31, 2013


Jerry Dias Labour Day 2014

Canadian Council Sunday September 14th Highlights

Danny Glover speaks to Unifor Canadian Council


Unifor Nation President Jerry Dias Addresses the 2014 Women's Conference

Unifor National Health Care Conference


Women - call to creative action!/ femmes - appel à l'action créative!


Lana Payne at the Unifor Rights at Work tour in Halifax



Santa Saves the Cleaners - Unifor Flash Mob

Santa and his Unifor flash mob take over the food court and sing carols to the Cadillac Fairview Grinch to help almost 150 cleaning workers who lost their jobs just before Christmas. The workers earned around $12 an hour with paid medical benefits while the new cleaners must accept 20% less with few benefits. Send messages of support to

Unifor BC Regional Council 2014


Naomi Klein - Unifor Founding Convention, September 1st, 2013


We are Unifor

CAW and CEP Launch Unifor

"We are proud to introduce to you "UNIFOR" the union for Canada. UNIFOR is a name to show our traditional and long standing union values; unity, solidarity, strength and determination. It is a name to show that we are here to build a union for the future. One that is responsive to the needs all Canadians in the twenty first century. The new union "UNIFOR" will make a priority of organizing new members. UNIFOR a union for workers, a union for unemployed, a union for self-employed, a union for women, a union for youth and students, a union for diverse communities and all new Canadians. A union for everyone."

Mary Walsh - Unifor Founding Convention, September 1st, 2013

Scarborough Job Forum "A Job should lift you out on Poverty not keep you in it.

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